About Serbia

Uvac, Serbia

Uvac, Serbia – Foto: D.Bosnić

Serbia is a great mystery. It is the gift of centuries and the spark of all the people who lived in it. This country knows the prehistoric civilization of ancient nations whose continued existence lost in the Balkan unrests. Serbia were built by the Illyrians, Thracians, Celts, Huns, Avars … With its shining glory, it was irradiated by Rome. It remained part of the Eastern Roman Empire for many centuries. The Serbs came in the sixth century and created a country that was not part of either the eastern or western civilization, but is also part of both, at the same time. The founder of the Serbian church, St. Sava said: “Serbia is east in the west and west in the east …” And so it is today. Traces of many civilizations are like pearls, as well as scars on the face of Serbia. About people, witnessed the Roman cities, Byzantine churches and fortresses, fortified Serbian towns, Turkish cobblestone roads, Austrian castles, but also incredible artistic mark of Mother Nature that has attracted all these people in the bosom of the Balkan beauty. Nowhere to be see so much water, caves, forests, plants … Serbia surprises each passenger from all over the world by its nature. Many traveler writers from abroad wrote about it, like Felix Kanitz, Evliya Chelebi …
Serbia is still unknown for the people of the east because they see it as too “western” or by people of the West who see it as the part of eastern civilization. No one believes to Serbia, but so many are stunned when they peek in its secrets.